Terms and conditions

1. The Sweet Mastering Studio has the right to decline any project and ask for a new submission, in case it isn’t minimally according to our ‘Recommendations for Project Submissions”. These recommendations are previously provided to the client by S.M.S..

2. The S.M.S. is not responsible for the loss or for any kind of damage caused by the transportation of project(s) before its(their) arrival to the studio.

2.1. The S.M.S. denies any kind of responsibility for losses or by any kind of damage caused by the submission through other servers that aren’t directly related to the studio.

2.2. To ensure all the privacy and security of the electronic submissions, only the client will have authorized access by S.M.S. to the projects and respective documents on our online servers/platforms.

2.3. The S.M.S. denies any responsibility for unauthorized accesses to these projects and/or documents.

3. The final works will be stored in our servers along with all the documents related to the processes accomplished in a period never inferior to five years.

3.1. The client has the power to turn down the term 3. in case that’s his will, having only to transmit it verbally or written to Sweet Mastering Studio.

4. Delayed payments will be taxed with an increased value of 2% per month over the total cost of the services.