João Alves

Mastering Engineer

João Alves is a Mastering Engineer and owner of Sweet Mastering Studio. He has a degree in Science and Sound Technologies and is completing his master’s degree in Production and Sound Technologies.

In 2011, as a result of his passion for the mastering process, he founded Sweet Mastering Studio. Since then, countless bands and artists have gone through this studio, such as the Lisbon Film Orchestra, Rumos Ensemble, Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve, Camerata de Sopros Silva Dionísio, etc.

With a vast musical culture combined with technical knowledge in the field of sound engineering, João Alves makes the music recordings that he masters coherent and balanced while providing and guaranteeing total rigor in detail, depth, impact, clarity and transparency in a wide variety of sound systems. Integrating creation with engineering, João Alves imparts uniqueness and exclusivity to the music of any artist.

“Mastering plays an extremely important role in music production. We have so many ways to communicate with each other on a variety of media. And the ways of listening, consuming, reproducing and recording music are also so different. Mastering takes on an undeniably aesthetic role in a process that is hybrid, both in terms of creation and in terms of technique. Gone are the days when mastering was a purely technical process in which the intention was only to transfer the recording from one medium to another, without errors. It results, essentially, from the combination of reflective thinking, creative action and engineering that enhances the way we perceive and relate to sound. Basically, everything that can be done to boost the audio and musical quality of the sound record.”

“For me, the most important thing is not the equipment, the tools or the sound system in a studio context. The key factor is the people with whom I collaborate artistically and professionally. We are humans, we need to feel, communicate and inspire, every single day! Music can be translated in the same way. This is why Sweet is unique and stands out from so many other mastering studios in the world.”

João Alves